8 Reasons to travel and Europe in winter

Ahh Winter … personally is my favorite time to travel around Europe and although the Europeans do not understand and ask me Why would anyone want to leave the sun to come here?, well I think that surely if you are interested this article is because you Calls the intention as to me these landscapes to which we are not accustomed in our beloved, and for that reason it is that to so many people like to me, we love to travel in this time by Europe. If you planning for visit another place in winter then it’ll be great idea, I think.

8 reasons to travel and Europe in winter

The Christmas markets.

The first time I visit a Christmas market in Germany, I am stunned, and it is difficult to describe through images the atmosphere that is felt with the aroma of “glühwein” (hot wine) and seasonal snacks that come out of each Put, with the cold and the snow falling on your face and the background music of some band of the city that does not stop playing Christmas carols, it is as if you felt child again and a thousand emotions invade your body.

The seasonal decoration

In my point of view there is no better Christmas decoration than in the old continent and is that unlike what I have seen in America with inflatable Santa Claus and millions of artificial lights, Europeans always prefer to make it more old fashioned and with decorations More traditional and natural, this always gives a touch much older and full of nostalgia.


Well although most of us Mexicans do not know the snow, it is always magical to see for the first time snow and as the first kiss … you will never forget! And is that even though it seems simple you will not be able to stop watching for a long time the snow fall and transport you to all those stories and movies that you saw as a child.

It is less expensive and less tourists

I remember the first time I traveled to Europe and I researched the best time of the year to travel was the Summer, I realized with the time and the opportunities that I have seen of traveling in Winter that Europe in Winter is always more special to me, and it is That unlike the summer where everything is crowded, in winter you can travel always very quiet and without crowded places, besides that the prices in general are usually cheaper.

More cozy time

And it is that I am not going to lie to them, the cold is strong sometimes but there is nothing that a good jacket and winter clothes do not remove, besides the places are always planned for these seasons and either with heating or with a nice fireplace Of wood, if that is not enough is the best excuse to have a hot drink in your hands and cuddle in a cafe, bar or with whom you have next to you!

A lot of culture

You will be surprised that in these times there are many outdoor events, since home country and culture shows how they live the winter, be it music concerts, the Christmas markets themselves, exhibitions and Christmas events.


Uff .. Unlike the summer where you see the gastronomy based on green salads and normally light meals (I like something with more plump), in winter it changes completely and you will see dishes full of meat, sausages, sweet bread and delicious soups, of course it has its reason to be and is to be able to withstand the winter.

Amazing scenery by train

The landscapes that can be seen traveling by train in Europe are always spectacular, but for travelers like us Mexicans always are much more spectacular in winter, seeing the completely white fields, mountains and lakes is simply indescribable, it is a new world and as Such an experience is always indescribable.